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why jetpack data

Data Visualization is an efficient way to better understand your business, discover hidden insights & take data driven decisions.

A beautiful & correct graph is worth a 1000 Words. We believe that Data Visualization should be intuitive and accessible to everybody and that you should never miss an insight hidden in a million rows of Data.

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Supported Data Formats

JetPack Data works out of the box with CSV, Excel, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Hadoop, Hive and many other relational databases.

Security of Data

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrupt data. SSL/TLS to protect data in transit.

Cloud or On Premise

JetPack Data is a flexible plug & play solution - On Prem or 100% cloud (AWS & Microsoft Azure). No installation - No Setup - Get started in seconds.

Highly customizable

Slice & Dice, Explore your data at the speed of thought.

Automate your dashboards & reporting

Plug & Play

Drag and drop your data to get started.

Let JetPack Data's algorithms suggest you a couple of ideas instantly.

Thanks to our Machine Learning Algorithms, these suggestions improve with time & usage.

Effortless Analysis & Deepdives

Build your own Analysis

JetPack Data lets you slice and dice your data and build complicated analysis through a guided interface.

Forecasting, What-if analysis, Year on Year comparisons etc made easy in a click

Simple for Collaboration

Share the dashboard with your stakeholders.

Share & collaborate with your team in real-time on data analysis.

Feature Specifications

The fastest way to explore your data

Powered by Artificial intelligence algorithms, JetPack Data helps business users be 10 times more productive and efficient compared to traditional business intelligence tools or excel.

natural language

Focus on your question

Just start typing and JetPack Data will help you pull up the right visualization to communicate your analysis. Let JetPack Data do the heavylifting so that you can get your questions answered as fast as possible.

data preparation

Forget about complicated Excel Macros, Formulae

Speed up your data cleaning and preparation with our formulae builder. Advanced users: Use python lambda functions to manipulate the columns & the dataframe !

Contextual recommendations

Get the best insights from your data

Prepare a tailor made "Storytelling" data presentation to better communicate your insights & follow your KPIs.
Spending hours preparing presentations with WoW, QoQ for metrics - Do it in less than 2 minutes.

A Transparent, Zero Surprise Pricing that's suited for Individuals & Companies of all sizes

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Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

I cannot load my data on JetPack Data for the Demo

Make sure that you are on these following browsers: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera ... We don't support Internet Explorer( <IE 11).

Can JetpackData connect directly to a CRM/ERP to pull in the data automatically?

Yes. We have connectors to most of the standard systems. Please feel free to reach out to hi@jetpackdata.com if you have any questions ?

So, what makes you different from other solutions?

Most business intelligence tools are dashboarding and reporting tools that help you keep track of your KPIs and metrics.
JetPack Data is the only data exploration tool that can help business users easily explore and explain the performance of their metrics by removing the complexity behind data preparation, analytics and visualization.

I already have a Data viz / BI tool. Why do I need JetPack Data?

JetPack Data is complimentary to conventional Business intelligence tools. JetPack Data is a plug & play solution to help business users better analyze and understand their data without having to depend on scarce IT resources. Our ambition is to propose a simple, intuitive & powerful data exploration tool for business users and help them with their data driven decision making.

My dataset is too big. Is that a limit ?

Absolutely not! We can connect to data lakes, Big Data sources and help you explore massive datasets in real time.

What type of dataset can I load into your solution?

JetPack Data works out of the box with CSV, Excel, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Hadoop, Hive and many other relational databases.

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Julien Marignier

JetPack Data is an agile solution which helps us explore & understand data from new angles rapidly. Natixis is a French corporate and investment bank.

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