Data Visualization is the best way to really understand your data & discover hidden insights

A beautiful & correct graph is worth a 1000 Words. We believe that Data Visualization should be intuitive and accessible to everybody and that you should never miss an insight hidden in a million rows of Data.

Supported data formats

JetPack Data works out of the box with CSV, Excel, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Security of Data

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). SSL/TLS to protect data in transit

Cloud or On Premise

JetPack Data is flexible - either 100% cloud & On Prem. No installation - No Setup - Get started in seconds

Higly customizable

Slice & Dice, Explore your data at the speed of thought

Focus on your question

Just start typing and we will help you pull up the right visualization to communicate your analysis. Let JetPack Data do the heavylifting so that you can get your questions answered as fast as possible.

Forget about complicated Excel Macros, Formulae

Speed up your data cleaning and preparation with our formulae builder. Advanced users: Use python lambda functions to manipulate the columns & the dataframe !

Contextual recommendations

Speed up your weekly review presentation to track metrics - Spending hours preparing presentations with WoW, QoQ for metrics - Do it less than 2 minutes

Get Started instantly

Drag and drop your data to get started. Let JetPack Data's algorithms suggest you a couple of ideas instantly

  • Works instantly with all your standard data sources
  • No setup - No installation - Just drag and drop
  • Big Data compatible
  • On-premise installation behind your firewall is possible

Build your own Analysis

JetPack Data lets you slice and dice your data and build complicated analysis through a guided interface

  • 133% faster on average than competing data analytics tools
  • Conduct what-if analysis on the fly
  • Customize the graphs to fit your company's color codes
  • Take data driven decisions

Share & Collaborate

Share & collaborate with your team in real-time on data analysis

  • No more back and forth between different versions of excel by Email
  • A real-time collaborative data analysis environment for your team
  • Collaborate and make decisions with confidence
  • Get everybody on the same page

Quick Overview Of JetPack Data

No installation - No setup - Just drag & drop your data to get started

Pricing that works for you & your team

Signup for free to get started. No credit card required

per user/month
Max file size: 25mb
Max number of files: 2
Max number of shares: 2
Supported Data format: Excel, CSV, JSON
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Max file size: 50mb
Max number of files: 5
Max number of shares: 5
Supported Data format: Excel, CSV, JSON
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per user/month
Max file size: Unlimited *
Max number of files: 100
Max number of shares: Unlimited
Supported Data format: Excel, CSV, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift
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* < 10 GB; Engagement for more than a year
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JetPack Data is an agile solution which helps us explore & understand data from new angles rapidly. Natixis is a French corporate and investment bank

Julien Marignier

Director of CRM & Innovation, Natixis

Bitwage provides solutions for remote workers looking for work and to optimally receive their wages.


Groupon is an e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in 15 countries.


Packlink - Compare courier delivery services, send everything you need and save time and money with Packlink!


BOLD is the biggest law firm in Paris for startups. With 10 years of experience and more than 1000 clients, BOLD provides legal advices from incorporation to IPO.

Bold Avocats

Global Gate is an investment firm that manages multiple asset classes through its group of companies. We specialize in real estate, private equity and wealth management.

Based in Paris, Lyon, London and Casablanca BM&A is an independent firm positioned on the audit and advisory market fornearly 40 years.


Our Team

The Jetpack Data team is composed of a Data Scientist, UX/UI Designer, Back-end & Front-End Engineer and a Data visualization Expert. We are mentored by some of the Web's most Seasoned experts

Any of these engineering roles interest you ? Feel free to shoot us an email at hi at jetpackdata dot com

Front End Engineer

Plotting a million data points on a screen is your cup of tea ?

Back End Engineer/Devops
Python/Async Programming

Scalable micro Architectures is what you build for fun ?

Data science/Statistics

Sampling algorithms for super fast data exploration ?