why jetpack data

Data Visualization is an efficient way to better understand your business, discover hidden insights & take data driven decisions.

A beautiful & correct graph is worth a 1000 Words. We believe that Data Visualization should be intuitive and accessible to everybody and that you should never miss an insight hidden in a million rows of Data.

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Supported Data Formats

JetPack Data works out of the box with CSV, Excel, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Hadoop, Hive and many other relational databases.

Security of Data

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrupt data. SSL/TLS to protect data in transit.

Cloud or On Premise

JetPack Data is a flexible plug & play solution - On Prem or 100% cloud (AWS & Microsoft Azure). No installation - No Setup - Get started in seconds.

Highly customizable

Slice & Dice, Explore your data at the speed of thought.

Automate your dashboards & reporting

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